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In today’s quick tip, we’re going to talk about a device that can help you emphasize key points and add visual interest and variety to your blog posts and editorial calendar. Say hello to the pull quote.

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Love Is Not Blind

Jessie Jeanine

love is...

I absolutely love and agree with this! Love is NOT blind at all. To love someone means that you know them inside and out (the good, the bad and the ugly) and you love them all the same. In fact… the more you know, the more you should love. When you are able to be that transparent and real with someone, it should intensify and add value to the relationship in positive ways. 

To love is to share to share is to risk.
Do not force your own will upon those you love.
Love with your eyes wide open, your ears willing to listen, and your heart vulnerable.
Take time to nurture your love through acceptance and understanding.
Unconditional love does not demand, but affirms and values – this is not possible without the recognition and acceptance of our differences.
Love will put you face to face with endless obstacles…

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Part of being a friend is being a sounding board for them. I have learned that it is best to offer advice when asked, but to never tell a friend what they should do. In fact, the word “should” is something I have strived to eliminate from my vocabulary. Besides offering help when I am asked, I have depended on the advice from friends to provide me a clearer picture to a variety of dilemmas I have encountered. I do not know if the right side of my brain is more dominant than my left, but some of the solutions I come up with to a problem tend to be more creative than reality based. Gratefully the advice my friends offer me is direct and cuts to the heart of the matter, bringing clarity to my concerns. I do the same thing for them as I have been know to…

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The Best Album Covers of 2013

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs

bob-dylan-freewheelin copy

In the age of digital media, the idea of album artwork seems a bit archaic, but if you’re anything like me, you still hold the intrinsic connection between music and  art to be sacrosanct. Below you will find what I deem the 20 best images to be seen on the cover of albums in 2013. You can go get a closer look at that place your parents used to go to called the record store.

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I do not know if it has to do with ego or seeking acceptance that draws a person to a modeling career, because it is something totally out of the realm of my thoughts. What fascinates me about models is the freedom they need to show off their bodies to do their job. Having been a much larger sized person, I never lost that former image of myself. It is the bully in my brain that I aways see first whenever I see a reflection of myself. For years I wore oversized, dark clothing so I could pretend to be more of a shadow than an actual live human being. This may all sound ludicrous due to me being a fitness instructor, but each time I walk into an exercise room that old image of myself is the first one in the room. I am aware of its presence and…

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