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Violet Flame Records

Hey, Today is a day that the Maya initiate new Daykeepers!!!  If you are ready to learn about the Maya calendar, today would be your best day ever…until 260  days from now.

I have consistently asked for donations, but today is a real charge for the info. $60 for one hour of knowing cool stuff about Time and the Universe that only a Maya Daykeeper can share.

..and it is all Personalized for you!

email with your birthday info, and any days you wish to learn about!

Now of course this is not a new “Year” because a year is a Gregorian calendar construct.  It is technically not the first day of the tzolkin either.  It is merely that today’s vibrational signature is conducive to understanding the ultimate essence of Time.   The Thread is woven through all our thoughts and activities today and we have just to follow…

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