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5 Rainstorm

Violet Flame Records

Love Teachings come on down…. also a great day for socializing and helping your community.

Yesterday was 4 Tijax, a day for cutting out negative energies. It was Juror #4 in the Jerry Sandusky child-molesting case who read all the guilty verdicts against this monster.

I started out yesterday cutting out squares to patch the ceiling in my nephew’s house from a dripping air conditioner, then I finished the day working on new frames for my paintings.

On 3 Earthquake…”moving thoughts” I helped a good friend move to a new home.

2 Owl was spent balancing philosophic and political views.

1 Eagle was fairly mellow…I did go for a hike in Panther Canyon (New Braunfels, TX) and found a beautiful spot I had not been to before that had a great Eagle-eye view of the canyon floor!

13 Jaguar was notable for the female representative in Ohio who read the…

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