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Capa de Leon: A Gallery

A Traveler's Tale

I had a short break from travelling early this year so I spent most of my time in a fruit farm which I’ve been trying to develop into a tropical garden for many years now.  On one of those glorious mornings in the farm, I set out early to do a light and texture study of these exotic Capa de Leon aerial plants (also known as staghorn fern or elkhorn fern because of the shape of its fronds).  I bought the seedlings from an agro fair some years earlier and installed them on the branches of several rambutan trees.  Happy that they’ve grown so well and were starting to display their uniquely shaped leaves and fronds, I thought that it was time to capture their beauty in accordance to my favorite self-imposed challenge: no tripod, no artificial lighting.  The resulting images were posted in a 4-part series in January.



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