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Many of you are experiencing an intense periods of detoxification right now as the vibration of earth continues to rise at ever increasing speed. The influx of light entering the atmosphere is extremely intense and is creating conditions in which you will be releasing that which is not serving at an even faster rate than ever before. Because of this, you may b…e feeling very unusual and uncomfortable energy within your system. Sleeping patterns become distorted, digestive issues, body cramps and pain, skin irritations, mood sings, depression etc… may be some of the things that rise to the surface. Many things are coming up that have not been dealt with in a very long time and the way to release them is to experience them and go through the feelings of the energy within you. Please do not be alarmed by this process, it will not last forever though the time frame between individuals will vary.

To assist dealing with these heavy energy detox symptoms please work with the sensations within you and your breath. Resisting these sensations will only hinder the release of what needs to come out and you will experience it at another point in time until you consciously choose to work with it. Your body is your biggest communicator as to what you need to learn and release in order to grow right now. Find a sacred time slot each day to allow yourself to lie down, connect with yourself and all that you feel within your being. Just allow yourself to experience it for what it is, without resisting or judgement. You may feel thoughts, sensations and emotions rising up that perhaps are connected to the energy and emotions being released within you that have been blocked for quite some time. Once you have found this deeper connection to what you are experiencing, begin to breathe deeply and into the area of concern. Breathe in, and then out deeply. See the energy being released with love as you breathe out and then fill your entire being with crystalline light on the in breath. Please know you have the ability to connect, observe and release whenever you feel the need to do so. Many of you also have pets and they too may be experiencing the same symptoms as humans because they too are growing and evolving on a soul level. If you notice your pets going though similar discomfort, please also work with them to assist them and to allow them to also grow through love and light. Sending animals healing light via the heart and gently nuturing them will greatly ease any tension. The entire universe/All-That-Is will experience this shift because all is intricately connected and evolving in unity. It is time to love and come from a deep level of compassion for all right NOW.

There may be people and experiences entering your life in many new and unusual ways. You have reached a point in your growth where many karmic ties and patterns that stretch many lifetimes are ready to be released. Many people and situations from past lives may begin to enter and/or leave your life as you are ready to go through the lessons you may still need to go through in order to evolve. Please know that no matter what outside appearances may look like, that all really is love and is assisting all to grow with compassion. Looking at things from a higher perspective and with unconditional openness will assist you in gaining clarity, a deeper understanding and to feel unconditional love for all. Everything always enters your life for a reason, there are never any mistakes within your universe. All is connected very intricately and is assisting your growth right now. When coming from this perspective, you can easily open your heart and experience unconditional love and compassion to all situations that may arise. Your ability to connect with yourself by going within will always bring you to the truth of all situations surrounding you. Take the time to meditate and have this deeper bond with yourself daily and soon all will be revealed.

Everything right now is being brought into harmony and balance in the quickest possible way, so that all may evolve in consciousness and move into higher ways of being. Please be gentle with yourself and fellow beings of earth. You are all at different stages in growth, however you are all equal within your divinity. As you continue to go through these very intense light shifts in consciousness, use your ability to connect with the light through the heart-space. Light is a powerful tool to assist you in all areas of your life. Your imagination will aid you in creating balance within yourself using light. Know that you are loved and you are supported always in your journey. We are ONE.

~ High Council of Orion through Abigail WainwrightImage

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