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I’ve noticed this new trend which is HATING the ego. Despising it in ourselves and everyone else, pointing it out in everybody… The moment you hate your ego, it inhabits you even more. You mustn’t try to fight the ego, just be above it! Same as REACTING to a problem… When you react and fight, you fuse your own energy with the one you are battling with, therefore you become it. When someone comes and questions your truth, challenges you with ridicule and judgmental comments, how can you react in order to NOT have your energy drained from it? You DON’T. You answer peacefully with your truth or a loving comment and you turn the page. There is no better weapon than that!

So don’t fight to defeat the ego. Simply acknowledge it, even smile at it 🙂 and then change the channel. Don’t play the game, be above it. Declaring yourself free from ego but still despising it in everyone is no better than actually coming from an egoistic frame of mind in the first place. This earthly and personal duality should even be embraced, because from duality comes evolution. Be above it, BE the evolution, just be at One with it all. Peace!

Elina ♥

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