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Manic Muses

Warning – Spoiler Alert.
If you haven’t finished watching the first season of Showtime’s Homeland, be forewarned. There be spoilers here.

OK, I’m the first to admit when I heard there was a show on the air about a Bipolar CIA agent, I completely dismissed it.

Last week an article in the LA Times Health section caught my eye.  The unreal world: ‘Homeland’ and bipolar disorder asked a question: Claire Danes’ character hides her condition from her CIA co-workers and is medically treated by her psychiatrist sister. Is this legit?

Now, I was intrigued.  What great fodder for a blog!  But, before I could give writing the piece a go, I really had to do the right thing and watch at least the episode to which the LA Times was referring in their article.  I started up the episode, was impressed with the show’s high production value and wound up…

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